Corporate Membership, Classes and Events
Why should you invest in your employees fitness and wellbeing?
Corporate health and fitness programmes have been proven to not only help improve the wellbeing of employees but also save organisations money. According to the Harvard Business Review (2019) for every $ spent on corporate health and well being programmes, the organisation is saving an average $3.27 in relation to improved productivity, staff retention, reduced absenteeism and private health care coverage. 

What can STAR do for you?

At STAR we are more than just another kickboxing centre. We offer customised and truly personalised services. We are always very open to discussion regarding what we can do support your organisations health, fitness and wellbeing programmes, here are just few ideas of what we can do and have done in the past:

  • Offer corporate membership options and training syndicates (where employees share a package to reduce the costs). 

  • Schedule group classes in Muay Thai, Kickboxing, Kickfit and Fitness for your employees either at our centre or your location depending on the facilities available. 

  • One-off interactive events at your location including team building and skills development through martial arts. 

  • Head Coach Phu specialises in self-defense training and can deliver a one off workshop or course to your employees, designing training specifically around your business needs and requirements.

Got something else in mind? Contact us and let's see how we can collaborate! s

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