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I'm almost a month into my training at STAR and I can honestly say it's the most positive fitness experience I've had in Hanoi. I think what makes STAR so good is that Gemma and Phu listen to your goals, and get to know your motivations on a personal level so they create and adapt a program tailored for you, and tailored around your lifestyle and time commitments.

My personal goals are incredibly varied, ranging from gymnastic movements to strength training, to an overall improvement in kickboxing technique. Almost a month into my training I have noticed an immense change in flexibility, technique and strength. Anything you ask to learn, Phu knows how to train you for, we're working on handstands at the moment and something that seemed like a total impossibility three weeks ago is looking pretty achievable now.

Phu is an incredibly dedicated trainer, he is particular and consistent, and his knowledge and passion for martial arts and fitness is demonstrated through his devotion making sure everything you do, you do correctly. He's not going to let you pick-up bad habits or just go through the motions because it's obvious he genuinely wants you to succeed in your fitness goals and he loves what he does. I've noticed a massive improvement in my technique and that's completely down to Phu and his endless patience with me.

No two sessions with Phu are the same which keeps it fresh and the atmosphere and vibe in the gym is always awesome. I'm actually excited to see the progress I can make at STAR. I was planning a holiday before the Covid chaos kicked off and my main concern was that I'd be away from the gym for 10 days so that says it all really.


My training with Phu at star kickboxing has been nothing but positive. Phu is an unbelievably good trainer. I have trained in several martial arts in several different countries so trying to find someone to meet you in the middle of different fighting styles, not rooted and saying only one is the best can be difficult. I have not had this problem with Phu as my trainer. He can see what you are good at, where your capabilities and disadvantages lie and then makes the best possible class to fit those needs. 

My other issue is that for the best part of 6-10 months, I had not trained after first sustaining some bad hip injuries and then a motorbike crash that left me unable to walk for about a month. After being out of action for so long, I had regressed a lot in terms of my ability.

This is where Phu has been incredible, working me back up towards the point I was at before. Little essential points, focusing specifically on the techniques he could see I had started to forget and needed to build back into my muscle memory. Things that once he pointed out, seemed so obvious that I could hardly believe I wasn't doing them anymore. 

Now halfway through my training with him. I am really starting to get back into the swing of things. It's been difficult and not so fast, to begin with (due to how bad I had gotten ) but I can definitely feel the improvement in how my body is moving automatically again. I definitely couldn't have done this without him. 

I have also had a training session with Lukasz, a Polish boxing trainer, who is very talented, and knows how to get you back in shape and has some amazing boxing techniques. I will definitely be doing at least a session a week with him too since my first one. 

My experience with STAR has definitely been one worth remembering, especially as I close on my last 2 months in Vietnam. The staff have all been friendly and helpful with the current situation concerning Covid 19, which has been a great help to me as well. 


I am not a natural when it comes to exercise/fitness so by joining Star I told my instructor, Phu, that my target was to simply enjoy exercise so that I keep going back to it.

Five lessons in, and I am loving it! Phu is a friendly and approachable trainer who has the knack of making me feel comfortable in an area where I lack confidence. During the sessions, my confidence has grown and I now practice some of the exercises at home too.

Over the last 10 years or so I have had lots of issues with my cervical spine and Phu is very mindful and respectful of this, always giving me variations of exercises to make sure my neck feels supported; he has spent the sessions really getting to know what I can do physically and has given me exercises to build my strength gradually.

Generally, I enjoy going being at Star Fitness because all the Star staff members are friendly and the facilities are perfect for what I need right now.

For the first time in years, I feel positive about going to a gym and am now working with my trainer on new targets after just a few sessions. Thanks, Phu.


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