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Limited Offer

Sign Up for any personal training membership before the 31st May 2023 and receive one extra bonus gift of your choice from the list below:


Yoga Class Pass - 8 classes - worth 1,200,000vnd

BJJ Class Pass - 8 classes - worth 1,200,000vnd

Sparring and Ice Bath Class Pass - 8 classes - worth 1,200,000vnd

Kids Class Pass - 8 classes - worth 1,600,000vnd

Boxing Gloves and Hand Wrap set - worth 1,000,000vnd

Five reasons to try our personal training service at STAR !


We are open daily from 06:00-21:00 and members can enjoy easy booking through our exclusive STAR member app!


We run our classes in a clean, modern and spacious training environment. 


We only work with professionally qualified and licensed coaches, plus they all speak English!


We have a wide range of membership options to suit all budgets and circumstances - and we publish our price lists on our website!


Training sessions are varied and well planned to meet your own individual needs and goals. We will help achieve the results you want!


First training session  is free to try,  you can book right here today!


Our price list is no secret! Take a look below for the Our price list is no secret! Take a look below for the various membership options below for access to the most professional and motivating training service in Tay Ho, Hanoi!

  • Bronze Membership - 12 PT Sessions - Valid for 3 months

​6,480,000vnd (540,000vnd per session)​

  • Silver Membership - 36 PT Sessions - Valid for 12 months

​17,280,000vnd (480,000vnd per session)

  • Gold Membership - 72 PT Sessions - Valid for 18 months

​30,240,000vnd (420,000vnd per session)

  • Platinum Membership - 100 PT Sessions - Valid for 24 months

3​6,000,000vnd (360,000vnd per session)

  • Diamond Membership - 144 PT Sessions - Valid for 30 months

​46,080,000vnd (320,000vnd per session)


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