COVID-19 / Corona Virus

Following the recent outbreak in Hanoi we wanted to reassure and inform our members and future members of the precautions we are taking at the centre:

- It is part of our standard practice that we thoroughly clean the gym daily. The floor, gym equipment and bathroom are cleaned every night, depending on how busy we are we will also clean all areas at midday.

- We have hand sanitiser available for everyone to use, we encourage our members to use their own water bottles or use our disposable paper cups for drinking water.

- We have towels available and encourage members to wipe down equipment after use.

- Gloves and wraps are rotated and cleaned daily, we will never use the same gloves or wraps with members twice in the same day. If you have your own gloves and wraps you are encouraged to use them, we also have plenty of supplies available to purchase at cost price.

- At this time we have also put on hold our plans run group kids classes, children are welcome to train at a 1 to 1 session, or with their siblings.

- If you are sick or feeling unwell, you should stay home and rest, if you need to cancel for these reasons and it is outside of our cancellation policy please message us! Our member's health is our priority.

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