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Whilst the centre is closed.... Frequently Asked Questions!

Surely by now we have all seen the latest news, government restrictions are back, COVID19 has appeared in the community. We take this situation very seriously and continue as we have done for the last year to follow all advice and instructions closely.

Gyms were told to close on 5th May, and after seeing some centres not following this and getting questions about this from several members, Phu spoke directly with our local police to ensure that we have understood what is required of us correctly.

They confirmed that the centre must be closed, even for private single bookings. They made it quite clear anyone breaking these rules would face severe fines and potential loss of business licenses.

However they did agree that considering the current restrictions (basically we are not in a full blown lockdown as such), going to train in someone's home is ok and that our trainers can also base themselves at the centre to run online classes. So until something changes that is what we have decided to do...

So frequently asked questions...

Can you train me in secret at the centre?

Simple answer... no. Sorry but it is just not worth the risk!

If you train me at my home, will you bring the equipment?

Yes, the trainers will pre-plan what they are going to do with you in the session (like they always do) and bring the equipment needed. We have limited the number of sessions that they can teach in a day to allow for them to come to the centre to collect what is needed and they have time after to bring it back and ensure kit is cleaned and rotated (following the same standard we have done for the last 12 months).

Where can we train in my house?

When booking the home training session it is noted on the booking information that the member is responsible for letting us know in advance of any special considerations needed. In an ideal world you will have a large space for the trainer and yourself to exercise e.g. a big open room, rooftop, large balcony, garden (if you are lucky enough to have one!).

We cannot train in any public spaces such as local parks, as they have been closed to stop large groups gathering.

How much does home training cost?

We have always offered this service but rarely had anyone use it. Normally we charge a supplement for home training to cover the travel expenses and extra time used for these sessions. However, because of the current situation, we are offering this at the same rate as your usual personal training session rate (depending on your package type).

Is this safe, considering the current situation in Hanoi?

Honestly, it is as safe as it is to go to a restaurant (which are still open!) or have guests at your house (which is still allowed). We have always taken the approach that how people wish to approach the pandemic is a personal choice, this is why we have been very flexible with our terms and conditions over the last 12 months with situations relating to COVID19.

If you feel comfortable with one of our team coming to your home for training and want to use the service, we promise to ensure that they have masks, are using clean kit and treat your personal space with the upmost respect.

If you are choosing to social distance and don't want to use this service, don't worry all memberships are being extended to cover the period of time we are closed.

How do I book a trainer to come to my home?

Just book via the app, there is a specific booking option set up and using this will give you the option to add extra details such as your address and any specific notes you have.

We will confirm the booking the day before to make sure all is ok.

Please note that we will be strictly enforcing the 6 hour cancellation policy!

What is online training?

Quite simply, online training is your trainer guiding you through your session via Zoom. We have had a few members doing this with us since we opened whilst they have been in quarantine or when they left Vietnam unexpectedly, we even have two regular virtual members training with us every week from Europe!

Due to the current situation with COVID19 we are offering online training at half your usual per session rate. So group class members get two classes for the price of one and personal training members get an online session at 50% their usual rate. Just book like normal and we will adjust everything manually on WIX from our end.

How do I join an online training session?

Once you have booked via the app you will automatically recieve joining instructions for our Zoom session.

Log on a few minutes before your session or class is due to start and the trainer will bring you into the main session from the Zoom "waiting room".

All sessions are equipment free but still very challenging. You just need to make sure you have some space, water and a device join us with.

Please note that we will be strictly enforcing the 6 hour cancellation policy!

Got some more questions? Message us via the chat function on the app or on our social media pages and we will respond as soon as possible!

Stay Safe!

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