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How soon can I exercise after having COVID19?

Of course everyone’s experience of COVID19 is individual and can vary greatly due to multiple factors, so knowing when to return to exercise is a difficult question to answer.

The key point would be first listen to your body, post recovery many people report feeling more tired than usual. It is important to recognize the difference between what your mind wants and what your body needs. After spending several days or more in isolation, you might find yourself racing to the gym as soon as you are given the all clear but remember your physical ability might not be what it was pre-covid.

Various sporting associations in the USA and UK have published their “Return to Play” (RTP) strategies to support athletes post-covid, which includes several stages of a gradual return back to practice and it is said by Centre for Disease Control that this is a method that could be applied to adults and children returning to physical exercise and activities post-covid.

The key advice when returning to exercise post-covid is listen to your body, ease back into your routine and no matter how frustrating it might be, have patience!

At STAR we always encourage that you speak to your coach about any health concerns you may have that need to be considered in your training program, the team will always work with you in a safe and individualised manner. Additionally it is strongly recommended that anyone starting or returning to an exercise or training program should check with their medical professional first.

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