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Some important updates for our current and future members -

Covid-19, Accessing the Gym, New Trainers and New Pricing Policy

Covid-19 Update and Accessing the Gym

Following on from our update regarding the Covid-19 situation in Vietnam we have made some amendments to our policies:

  • We respect our members choices about how they wish to apply social-distancing measures to their daily life, regardless of what type of membership you are on if you wish to temporarily pause your membership please email us at and Gemma will make a note of the date you have paused and then extend your expiry date manually by the length of the break when you choose to return.

  • We are running live home workouts on our Facebook page every weekday at 7:10am, with the live streams being uploaded after for anyone to watch later if they want to. Watch this space for news about a members-only area on our website for more detailed home workouts.

  • Despite the growing team, the bookings are being managed in a way that we never have more than 2 members in the centre at any one time. This is to allow for social distancing as best we can and also for us to be able to keep on top of the cleaning of the centre frequently throughout the day. We are not operating any group classes at this time.

  • Members can access the gym in between their sessions, although not many make use of this benefit we ask that for the time being you let us know in advance of your plans to come in and train on your own so that we can manage the number of people in the centre at any one time, you can message us on our website, Facebook, Instagram or contact Gemma on 0353042950.

  • We have been asked "are you still open" a number of times in the last week. Especially since other places have been closing. Reviewing the market what appears to be happening is the standard gym facilities are closing, in particular, the more localised Vietnamese locations and currently, we know of one kickboxing centre closing in Cau Giay. Reviewing how their operation runs, the Vietnamese gyms will generally have a lot of people using the same equipment and have a high footfall of customers coming through the door, they are also generally very cheap so they can be quite busy and the kickboxing centre that has closed in Cau Giay only operates with group training. STAR is essentially a personal training space we are able to control the number of people in the centre at any one time much more than the gyms and group class focussed venues. So at this time are policy is that we will not close unless we are told to but will continually review the situation and adapt our operation to support Vietnam's efforts in fighting the virus.

The STAR Team is Growing!

We are excited to welcome some new trainers to schedule. Despite everything that has been going on around us, Phu's schedule has filled up quickly. To maintain service levels and a wide range of booking options to our current and new customers it was only right that we expand the team. As many people know our focus is delivering quality sessions every time, so we are working with two very different trainers who bring their own set of skills, experience and style to the centre. Find out more about Boyka and Lukas on their bios on our website homepage. An important note regarding the booking app, when booking your session if you wish to train with a certain coach you will need to scroll through the time options and make sure you are selecting a time under your coach's name. If you are unsure please speak to Gemma or Phu for a demonstration!

New pricing policy

The soft opening offer has finished with the first 20 members taking advantage of the deal. We had planned to start working with the standard package options which generally follow the same trend as our competitors in the area with price per session being based on how long the contract is. However, a lot has happened since we opened so in light of the current situation we have restructured our offers to focus on short term options at very reasonable prices for the area. We hope that this will be reassuring to our current members who will be looking to renew shortly and to new members looking at options, this is an uncertain time for all of us and we recognise that asking people to commit to an 18-month contract to be able to access a low price per session just doesn't make sense right now!

Long term packages are available if you prefer, speak to Gemma to find out more.

Instalment arrangements are also available, again just to speak to Gemma to explore options.

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