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COVID-19 and your current membership, Virtual Training, Relaunch Plans!

Hanoi "Lockdown"

At the time of writing this latest news blog, we know that potentially extending the social distancing measures/lockdown in Hanoi was being discussed at senior government level this afternoon. The Hanoi rumor mill is in overdrive as usual and at this time we are just waiting for an official announcement. If the current measures are lifted on the 15th April then we plan to reopen at the weekend, if they are extended then, of course, we will remain closed.

For our current members, we have continued to keep the memberships paused and are extending the expiry dates. We really appreciate your understanding at this time and hope that you are keeping safe and well.

Stay at home with STAR

Virtual classes are happening daily and we are amazed at the response to training via Zoom. Phu has really jumped on the online trainer hype and makes our virtual members work hard!

If you haven't tried out a virtual class yet, book on the STAR app or website to secure your spot. All you need is the internet, a device with a camera and a little bit of space.

Relaunch Plans

Despite the closures, we have been busy behind the scenes working on our current program and updating the website... As soon as we get the go-ahead we are excited to be launching our first 12 week bootcamp and exciting new group class offer, plus a monthly members event - Fight Club! Check out the website to see the changes and updates for more information.

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