We are coming to Tay Ho!

A bit more about what to expect...

An exciting and demanding time, we set ourselves a challenge to open by 1st March without realising the effect of the Tet aftermath along with the recent virus scare would have on getting things done! But nevertheless we are progressing fast, with orders in for new boxing and gym equipment, along with a lot of renovations happening at the new location, exciting times!

What can you expect at Star

The interest we have had already is great and so many people have asked can they pop in to have a look before we open, unfortunately we are not quite in a position to do that yet but we can tell you that whilst our focus is Kickboxing and Muay Thai, one of the things that makes us different from the other centres is we will also have a mixture of strength and conditioning equipment, fitness equipment, circuit classes and more. As a fitness fan who loves to mix it up, one of my frustrations in Hanoi has always been that you can't get it all in one location! Not unless you pay for an extortionate membership at one of the commercial gyms in Tay Ho, but more on that in a later post ;)

So whilst we have some limitations in terms of how big the space is, we are aiming to bring you more than just another kickboxing gym! We are already getting feedback from customers that this is what they want to:

"I really like the idea of you having circuit classes and stuff as well as the kick boxing, because I love 1-to-1 sessions for training but I think you need a variety, for all over fitness so I'm looking forward to seeing what the circuit bootcamp classes are like"

Here is a sneak peek at some of the work taking place at 77 Xuan Dieu, if you are in the area feel free to pop in and say hi! We can't wait to show off the completed project on the 1st March!

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