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Meet Our New Boxing Coach: Champion with a Passion for Training!

We are thrilled to announce the newest addition to our coaching team—a champion boxer with a passion for teaching and a love for the sport that is truly inspiring!

Meet Coach Quang, a dynamic coach who started his boxing journey in 2015. Quang's dedication and hard work quickly paid off as he began training at the prestigious Hanoi National Sports Center. His commitment and talent led him to join the youth boxing team, where he honed his skills and developed into a formidable boxer.

Quang's impressive journey includes a standout performance at the National Youth Championship, where he clinched a gold medal for the Hanoi Boxing Club. This achievement was just the beginning of his illustrious career in boxing.

With four years of coaching experience since 2020, Coach Quang brings a wealth of knowledge and a deep passion for boxing to our team. His love for coaching stems from the joy he finds in watching his members progress and the satisfaction of transmitting his passion to his clients. Quang's expertise in boxing is unparalleled, and he is dedicated to helping you achieve maximum flexibility and incredible body movements, with a strong focus on developing techniques.

Coach Quang's approach to training is methodical and effective. He emphasizes starting with the correct technique, ensuring a solid foundation, before moving on to the most effective attacks both in and out of the ring. His training style is designed to bring out the best in every member, helping them reach their full potential and meeting their own individual goals.

But that's not all—Quang is a man of many talents! He loves to travel and learn new languages, with a particular interest in German. He's also an all-around sports enthusiast, enjoying tennis, soccer, volleyball, and more.

Join us in welcoming Coach Quang to our team! We're excited to see the incredible progress and passion he will bring to our members. Get ready to train with a champion who is as dedicated to your success as he is to his own.

Coach Quang will be taking over the evening boxing classes in the next few weeks, and is also available for personal training bookings.


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