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#STAR_Partners Self-Defense Training for EveryBODY

We recently partnered with Hy Vong for Equality to deliver a self-defense training session to university students from across Hanoi.

Hosted at the Vietnam Women’s Academy, it was a great opportunity to work with a really diverse group of young people and demonstrate that self-defense training is something that anyone can do.

During the session, Coach's Phu and Dom adapted their methods to utilise different senses to enable the attendees to protect themselves such as touch and hearing, due to several of the attendees being visually impaired.

Coach Phu explained how to use a safety whistle (inspired by our community collaboration with the Tay Ho Whistle Campaign) as a non-violent method for deterring a possible threat.

A special shout out to attendee "Ryley" who is a wheelchair user, he was fully involved in the session and worked one on one with Coach Phu to develop effective stratiegies for self-defense that utilised his strengths and advatages, adapting movements and also coming up with own ideas and suggestions.

Hy Vong for Equality is a student led project working to provide knowledge, protect survivors and prevent violence. Follow their instagram page to learn more about the great work they are doing!

STAR Kickboxing and Fitness Viet Nam are the only licensed provider of self-defense training in Tay Ho Hanoi, we provide bespoke specialist safety and security training to NGOs, charities, corporations and also deliver educational programs to schools and universities.

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