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#star_stories Meet Coach Dom

An experienced and long time member of the STAR team, Coach Dom brings a lot fun and banter to the centre alongside his tough training sessions and interesting musical choices that he is well known for!

How did you get into martial arts and fitness?

"Since childhood, I have been passionate about martial arts, with a slightly chubby body making me a subject for friends to tease, I decided to practice martial arts and bodybuilding from a young age"

How long have you been a coach and what do you enjoy most about coaching people?

"I've been a coach for over a decade, and being able to make people healthy, confident and better every day is what I'm most happy about coaching them."

What would you say is your specialism as a coach?

"I focus on teaching martial arts, resistance training and hypertrophy training"

Tell us something interesting about you not related to coaching or STAR?

I have a great interest and hobby in making Gundam models, I can assemble models all day!

Coach Dom is a regular feature on the group class schedule and also offer personal training, book a trial with him today!

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