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#star_stories Meet Coach Nang

An experienced coach who joined the STAR team in early 2022, Coach Nang is serious about technique and getting results! Nang brings innovative ideas and fresh knowledge to the team regarding health and fitness, a subject he has a genuine passion for!

How long have you been a coach?

"I have more than 5 years of experience as a personal trainer in bodybuilding, Muay Thai, Kickboxing."

What do you love the most about being a coach?

"I feel happiest when seeing my members gain confidence and improving everyday! Keeping them motivated and engaged is something I really take seriously."

What would you say is your specialism as a coach?

"I focus on teaching martial arts, resistance training and hypertrophy training"

What are your strongest skills as a trainer?

"Kickboxing is definitely my passion, it is something I am most confident with. I enjoy teaching technique and helping people to get it right to maximise their training"

Can you tell us one interesting fact about yourself?

"I don't know if it is interesting but I just love talking to people, it is one of the benefits of my job is that I get to speak to many interesting people"

Coach Nang is a regular feature on the group class schedule and also offers personal training, book a trial with him today!

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