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#star_stories Meet Coach Tien

Our latest professional coach to join the team, Tien brings passion, skill and whole lot of enthusiam to all things Muay Thai at STAR!

Your specialism is Muay Thai, why do you love this particular sport so much?

"What I really love about Muay Thai is that it brings many health benefits, along with improved reflexes, making me more agile and flexible."

What do you most enjoy about being a coach?

"Helping people practice mine and their favorite martial art, along with that, I can work in a professional training environment everyday, those are the most enjoyable things about being a coach (And of course it helps me make money through my passion haha!)"

Tell us something interesting / surprising about yourself!

"I am a lover of philosophy and literature, especially Vietnamese literary works because it brings a lot of human values ​​that are worth learning.

In addition, I also love to travel, I have visited many beautiful places in Vietnam (such as Da Nang, Sapa, Hai Phong, etc.)"

Coach Tien is a regular feature on the group class schedule and also offer personal training, book a trial with him today!


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