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#star_stories Meet the Member Services Team

At STAR we believe that quality service should be at the heart of everything we do, and to support our coaches in delivering that 5 STAR service we have Membership Manager Hung and Co-Owner Gemma on hand to assist!

Hung, STAR Memberships Manager

Hung joined the team in early 2021, originally working as a receptionist he has since stepped up to taking on the full management of the memberships, bookings and the general day to day queries. If you contact STAR on the member app you are most likely speaking to Hung!

You can also spot Hung guest appearing in some of our social media content!

How long have you been working at STAR and what does your role involve?

"Including the time of lockdown, I have been working at STAR for more than a year. My main job is welcoming and supporting customers before and during their time as STAR members, plus keeping the centre tidy is also an extremely important job of mine."

What do you enjoy most about working at STAR?

"STAR has really helped me communicate more confidently and improved my English skills a lot, these are the best things I have achieved whilst working here!"

Can you tell us interesting/surprising fact about yourself!

"I’m falling in love with music, I'm self-taught in music production and with the guitar I can sing all day!"

Gemma, STAR Co-Owner

Wife and business partner of Head Coach Phu, Gemma works closely with Hung in running the day to day operation at STAR. Gemma also looks after the partnerships with schools, universities, non-profits and local businesses, helping STAR share their knowledge and skills of martial arts and self-defense to more people across Hanoi!

What brought you to Vietnam?

"I originally came here from the UK on a study exchange program at Foriegn Trade University. I was only going to be here for 6 months, but I met Phu and many years later Hanoi has become my home away from home."

Can you tell us an interesting/surprising fact about you?

"I used to compete in powerlifting, trained in “strongman”, and I even did a bodybuilding show once! I really enjoy muscle sports and when we eventually move to a bigger training centre I would love to combine that passion with what we offer at STAR."

What is your mission with STAR?

"Personally, I try to think about it from the members point of view. I enjoy going to the gym and working out, but when I came to Hanoi I was disappointed by the service received in several gyms that I tried. My observation is that the general practice in the industry is to aggressively chase numbers and sales, and then the service after that point really falls short. I have felt that as a customer, so I want STAR to challenge that experience and be noticeably different in our approach."

If you have any questions, comments or feedback about STAR Hung, Gemma and the coaching team are always available to chat! Message us on the website or STAR app, or pop in and say hi at our Tay Ho centre!

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