The benefits of keeping active during self-isolation and how STAR can help you...

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

So by now, we have all heard that we need to stay at home wherever possible. Self-isolation can be both physically and mentally wearing on a person, finding ways to stay active and maintain healthy habits is essential at a time like this. We are working on a range of ways to safely and responsibly support our members during this time:

Virtual Group Classes

As a thank you for your understanding regarding our forced closure last week and to also help you stay active, STAR will be running complimentary VIRTUAL GROUP CLASSES via Zoom Video Conferencing every weekday at 4pm. Book your space on the booking tab at the STAR website or app.

Depending on demand, we will add more to the schedule, let us know if there is anything you would like to see added.

Rooftop Workouts Challenges

We have updated the STAR app with the "Challenges" tab, join the challenge this week to complete our daily rooftop workouts and stay accountable. The rooftop workout series is posted daily on our Facebook and Instagram pages, short circuit based workouts that can be completed at home, on your balcony, on your rooftop, anywhere! Maximum of 20 minutes to complete, guaranteed to work up a sweat! We complete the workout with equipment but Phu gives instructions on the videos about equipment free variations.

Home Workout Plans

Keen to keep training but not sure how? Perhaps the resources above are not for you? STAR can help you with a personalised home training plan, let us know what your circumstances are, how much time do you have to train, what equipment do you have access to (if any) and we will write up a plan for you to follow.

Other tips and advice from STAR

The global pandemic has prompted many international fitness brands to make their subscription services available for free (at least for the time being anyway!)

Take advantage of these free services to vary up your training:

  • BOXX - This app provides free fitness classes including boxing, strength, cardio, yoga. It also has lessons on techniques and has classes that combine shadow boxing and HIIT.

  • Kickboxing App - Combining kickboxing and fast-paced cardio with no equipment needed, ideal in the current situation.

  • Peleton - Better known for its spin classes, Peleton also has 1000's of strength, yoga, stretching, bootcamp and cardio workouts. They have just extended their 30-day free trial to 90 days!

  • Nike Training Club - They have waived their subscription fee indefinitely! You can now access 185 workouts for free, along with additional nutrition and wellness advice.

  • Down Dog - An app with various yoga sessions including the 7-minute workout, so no excuses really!

Finally a tip for the kids!

The UK has recently gone into lockdown, with schools closing, celebrity personal trainer, Joe Wicks is doing his part by running daily PE (physical education) classes on his YouTube channel. Home-based workouts targetted for children, a great way to help them to burn off some excess energy! Highly recommend this for our STAR Kids.

Thank you everyone, that has been so understanding of the situation with STAR having to close last week, your memberships have been extended to make up for the lost time. Rest assured the business is in a position that we can and will reopen as soon as safely possible. We have lots of exciting plans in place that we have been holding back on because of this situation, we can't wait to get back to it! Stay safe everyone and keep in touch with us on the website, STAR App and on our social media pages.

See you soon,

Phu and Gemma!

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