Meet the Star Team

Phu - Owner and Head Coach

A popular and well known coach in Tay Ho, having worked in other centres for a number of years. Phu's passion for martial arts started as a teen when he trained in Wing Chun Kung Fu. 

This eventually led to him joining the security team for the President of Vietnam in his early 20's.

Over the years his skills and knowledge have developed and he can teach a range of disciplines including Kickboxing, Muay Tha, Boxingi and Self-Defence. 

Phu is a qualified personal trainer, who has had clients from all over the world, he offers his services in English and Vietnamese, and is available for private bookings daily from 6am. 

Hung Anh - Coach

An experienced and licensed martial arts trainer from Hanoi, Anh brings with him over 10 years of experience practicing traditional Vietnamese Kung Fu, in addition to his experience in Muay Thai, Kickboxing and Boxing. Anh has a genuine passion for martial arts, loves to teach others and challenge clients to really push themselves.

Anh has trained clients from all over the world in Tay Ho and the Old Quarter, designing personalised programs to help people meet their goals in fitness and technique. 

Anh can speak English and Vietnamese, he is available for for personal training and small groups everyday from 4:30pm.  

Gemma - Owner and Business Manager

A former competitive powerlifter and bodybuilder in the UK, Gemma is a fan of training in the gym. Now just training for fun, she met Phu as a customer 3 years ago and the rest as they say "is history!"

Gemma takes a very hands-on role in supporting the business and Phu, including ensuring that every customer receives the best service whilst at Star.

If you have any questions or queries about STAR do not hesitate to contact Gemma in the center or by emailing us at

Recruiting Coaches

Are you passionate about martial arts and combat sports? Are you a personal trainer that can deliver quality sessions with amazing customer service? Then we want to speak to you!

At STAR we work on the basis that your business is our business and we want you to succeed! We offer a highly competitive uncapped commission based salary, we support you fully with marketing and promotion, we want you to be busy! We provide ongoing training and development opportunities including the option to train abroad. 

Can't speak English? Don't worry, as long as you have a willingness to learn we will support you with formal tutoring. 

At STAR we don't just let anyone train our members, we are always keen to meet talented, enthusiastic and open-minded (we take a very different approach to running our centre compared to our competitors) coaches to represent us. Think you could fit the bill? Come in and speak to Phu or Gemma to find out more about what we offer. 


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