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We are STAR Kickboxing and Fitness - Viet Nam, registered company no. 0109429862

If you have any comments, questions, feedback you can contact Mr Mai Ngoc Phu, director and owner of STAR Kickboxing and Fitness - Vietnam at +84 096 6533586


Failure to adhere to the centre rules may result in your membership being suspended or terminated with immediate effect, with no financial reimbursement of membership fees. 


STAR Kickboxing and Fitness - Vietnam, reserve the right to amend the rules at any time. 


1.1 New Member Questionnaire:

All service users are required to complete the STAR New Member Questionnaire BEFORE their first training session in the centre. All information is kept secure and confidential, our data protection policy can be viewed on our website. Refusal to complete this form with full and accurate information will result in refusal of service. 


All service users must inform STAR Kickboxing and Fitness - Viet Nam if their health or medical conditions change at any time whilst using our services. 


1.2 In Centre Conduct:

By agreeing to use the services provided by STAR Kickboxing and Fitness - Viet Nam, you agree to comply with the rules of conduct detailed below:

  • Show consideration to other members, guests, visitors and staff at the centre. 

  • Not use abusive, offensive or foul language

  • Not behave in a way that is violent, offensive, threatening to any other members, guests, visitors or staff

  • Not bring,use or be under the influence of illegal drugs or alcohol whilst on the centre premises

  • Follow all health and safety requirements including but not limited to, safe use of equipment, wearing protective equipment during dangerous activities such as sparring, considering your surroundings and others whilst training, following all appropriate hygiene practices. 

  • Smoking, including the use of e-cigarettes, is strictly prohibited anywhere in the building. 

  • No pets / animals in the centre 

  • No outside food or drinks (except water or sports drinks). 

  • STRICTLY no private coaching from non-STAR team members without prior approval of management. 

  • For the benefit of all service users, please tidy your equipment up after use. 

  • Phones should be used discreetly without disruption to the other members or classes. 


1.3 Dress Code

  • Suitable and appropriate sportswear must be worn in the centre for the activity which you are planning to undertake. You may be asked to change your clothing if, in STAR Kickboxing and Fitness - Viet Nam’s reasonable opinion, it is not suitable for any reason. 

  • No outdoor footwear is allowed in the centre. 

  • All members, guests, visitors and staff are required to wear suitable tops and bottoms that are not overly revealing or potentially offensive to others. 

If you are unsure as to the suitability of clothing items please speak to a member of the team. 

Please note there are private changing rooms available on the second floor. 


1.4 Personal Belongings, Lost Property

We recommend no valuables are brought to the centre. STAR Kickboxing and Fitness - Viet Nam, is not liable in any circumstances for damaged, lost or stolen valuables. 

We encourage all members, guests, visitors and staff to use the lockers provided.

Any lost property items found at the centre will be kept in the lost property basket located by the centre entrance. If after 1 month the item has not been claimed, it will be destroyed. 


1.5 CCTV, Filming and Photography

CCTV is in full operation across the centre for the purpose of security, health and safety. 

Filming and Photography will take place in the centre from time to time, if you do not wish to be recorded please let the reception team know. 

If you wish to film or take photos whilst in the centre, please consider those around you and avoid disruptions to anyone else’s training experience. 

There is strictly no filming in the changing rooms / bathrooms or ice bath area. 


1.6 Last Entry for Gym Only Access

Last entry for gym only access is 1 hour before the reception closing time. To use this service members are required to contact reception in advance via the STAR App to book usage of the equipment to prevent overcrowding. 


1.7 Under 16’s Access to the Centre

Children under 16 are not allowed in the centre unsupervised outside of their booked class / training times. 

Parents / Guardians / Carers must drop off and collect their children immediately before and after their booked class / training times. 


1.8 Late arrivals/ Late Cancellations  / No Shows

  • Any sessions cancelled with less than 6 hours notice or no show will be subject to our booking policy and will be charged, unlimited group class members will be blocked from booking for 3 days

  • Please arrive 5-10 minutes before your booked training time or class. 

    • Late arrivals for personal training will result in shorter training time with the coach, in this case you will still be charged for the full training session. 

    • Late arrivals for group class - if you are more than 5 minutes late, the coach or teacher will have the right to refuse entry to the class if your late arrival is dangerous or disruptive. In this case the booking policy will still be applied. 


1.9 Parking

STAR Kickboxing and Fitness - Viet Nam is not liable for any loss or damage to vehicles. 

  • Please ensure you have parked your motorbike or bicycles securely in the parking area, considering others. Ensure that any items such as helmets have been secured. 

  • There is no designated parking for cars at the centre, if parking on the main road you do so at your own risk (including any penalties incurred by local authorities), if you are choosing to park there, please do so safely with minimal disruption to others. The nearest secure parking location for cars is at Syrena Mall or Lion Mall on Xuan Dieu. 

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