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It is our mission to make real-world self-defense accessible to everyone. We provide courses at schools and universities, specialized training to NGOs and corporations, and offer group classes and private training programs at our Tay Ho centre. All classes are offered in Vietnamese and English.

Private Training


1:1 training - 12-session package

540,000vnd per session if bought as a package.

(800,000vnd/session, PAY AS YOU GO) 

Customized training for individual needs and interests

A minimum of 12 sessions is recommended for effective training

Want to train with a friend? Each additional student pays 50% of standard rate

Please note there is no free trial for self-defense training private training programs

Contact Phu for a consultation.

Organization Training


Bespoke training programs available for organizations, corporations, educational institutions, and NGOs

Download a brochure about our standard program

Self-Defense at STAR (English)

Self-Defense at STAR (Vietnamese)

Contact us to arrange a consultation about your needs.

Group Training

Self-Defense Classes


Self-Defense classes are available as part of our group training memberships. 

Become a member to join the classes every week for highly effective and consistent training at great value. 


Pay As You Go Group Classes are charged at 300,000vnd 


View Group Class Membership, Schedules and Terms & Conditions here



STAR has delivered our self-defense program to hundreds of people since opening in 2020. Head coach Phu in particular has more than 10 years of experience practicing and teaching self-defense, including a career in state security protecting dignitaries including President Obama!


We work with teenagers from Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation and their Outreach Team as well as survivors of gender-based violence at HopeBox. We also work with the ChangeMaker program from Batik International who are leading Vietnamese youth to break cycles and challenge accepted norms of domestic violence.


The self-defense system taught at STAR is based on real-world situations. We don’t want you to ever have to use it, but if you do, it’s our job to ensure that the skills you have are practical, effective, and safe.


STAR is the only centre in Tay Ho that is licensed to teach self-defense, and Coach Phu is one of the very few actively-practicing teachers of the self-defense systems that are legal in Vietnam.  Vietnam has strict legislative boundaries around self-defense classes. All our courses and coaches operate only within that framework.


University Student Programs

51% of university students in Vietnam have reported experiences of violence on campus, especially against women and the LGBTQ+ community (Unicef Asia, 2018). As reports of violence against the Asian community abroad increase, so too has the desire to learn self-defense from university students with ambitions to study abroad.


We have delivered courses to students at RMIT University, as well as students at several public universities in Hanoi through a series of programs hosted at the University of Communications and Transport. We are currently expanding our network of self-defense programs at educational institutions. Contact us to discuss opening a course at your school.

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