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3 reasons you should take a self-defense class

Self-defense training comes in many different forms and styles, so it is important to find a class that suits your needs. Taking time to research and speak to coaches in this area will be important to ensure you get the most of out of the training experience suit your personal needs.

But besides improving personal safety, why should you take a self-defense class?

1 - Boosting your self-confidence!

Progressing through the increasingly harder levels and techniques of any self-defense system will almost certainly provide you with a sense of accomplishment, especially when working with in a class with like-minded individuals who help to create an encouraging and supportive environment.

2 - Improving your awareness of self and your surroundings!

This especially important for people living in a new city or country, a large part of self-defense training isn’t about teaching you to fight back but more so about how you interact with your surroundings and prioritise personal safety.

3 - Improve both your physical and mental health!

Self-Defense training is a physical program and is a fantastic way to exercise. But also taking control of your own personal safety awareness can be really empowering and in some cases supportive of the healing process for survivors of violence or abuse. Additionally a good self-defense training program will also help with co-ordination, mobility, social skills and body positivity.

STAR prides themselves on delivering tried and tested self-defense courses in Hanoi, that are practical, realistic, safe and legal to apply in Vietnam but can easily translate to anywhere in the world. Learn more and sign up to a course at


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