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#STAR_Stories Meet Yoga Teacher Linh

With the move to our new improved location, we decided it was a great time to expand on some of our services for our members, so we now have yoga on the schedule!

Introducing our new yoga teacher, Linh, she brings experience and a great sense of calm to her yoga classes. A highly qualified and popular teacher in Hanoi we are very happy to have her share her skills and knowledge with our members!

Where are you from and what is your experience with yoga?

Hello, I am Linh from Hanoi, Vietnam. Realizing the miracle of yoga after being introduced to the practice at a time in my life when I was experiencing a severe health crisis. I decided to learn yoga seriously and long-term.

I studied the 500-hour yoga teacher training course with international certification from the Yoga Alliance, USA, and then thanks to some good luck and a lot of effort I was selected to teach yoga for 4 years at a highly reputable yoga centre in Hanoi.

Here I taught western-style Vinyasa yoga which is a very scientific and safe practice for the body. The series of exercises are flexibly built according to the wishes and needs of the students, we focus on healing, supporting, and helping to treat body and mind problems whilst also working on building strength.

What is it that you love about yoga?

Since childhood, I had always been very sedentary, I became very sick, often lacking oxygen to the brain, causing insomnia, and chronic headaches. My body was always tired and weak. Some injuries such as disc dislocation, nerve insertion neck causes muscle spasms, and wrist joint effusion also greatly affected the quality of my life. At a certain point, when my health reached the lowest level, I would use stretching movements to recover. I then discovered the magic of the body's ability to heal itself through yoga, I began to study further and continue that passion to this day.

What should people expect from your classes at STAR?

The yoga exercises at STAR are always varied to suit the status and needs of students. So whether your goal is: relaxation, balance, healing, or muscle building, my classes at STAR can support these elements and will push you to reach your goal.

Tell us an interesting/surprising fact about yourself:

The interesting thing about me is my love for people and my passion for yoga. Love nurtures and develops life and harmony. Passion helps me always strive to spread the magic of Yoga to everyone! My desire is to contribute my small part to building a healthy community in Body-Mind-Soul.



Linh is a fully qualified yoga teacher with more than 4 years of teaching experience, her classes are taught in Vietnamese and English, and she holds the following qualifications:

  • 500-Hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training Course (Yoga Alliance Certificate)

  • 40-Hour Singing Bowl and Reiki Teacher Training Course (Yoga Alliance Certificate)

  • 75-Hour Yin Yoga teacher training course (Yoga Alliance certificate)

Click below to book a class with Linh!

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