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#STAR_stories Meet Yoga Teacher, Celia

With our yoga classes growing in popularity we are pleased to welcome Celia to the STAR team and expand our yoga schedule!

Celia will be teaching the Thursday evening and Saturday classes!

(This means we now have yoga 6 days per week!)

Welcome to the STAR team!

Where are you from and how long have you been practicing yoga?

Hi! I’m Celia and I’m from England (Yorkshire) and I’ve been living in Hanoi for 8 years already. I’ve always been a sporty person and had some form of yoga in my life, but it wasn’t until I started strength training that I started practicing yoga consistently, instead of on and off. I noticed many benefits of how yoga supports my other sports through gaining flexibility, helping to prevent injuries and balance (and also strength!). Last year, I decided I love yoga so much that I want to share it with the world. I am now a qualified yoga instructor.

What is it that you love about yoga?

I love how yoga makes me see both my inner and outer world. Being on the mat, I find yoga brings out all of the areas in my physical body that I need to work on, it shows me the imbalances that I have in my physical body and also in my mind. I find yoga pushes my physical body, but also grounds me and makes me more present both on the mat and off the mat. I love how whatever I’m feeling, I always feel great after a yoga session.

I love how versatile yoga is, depending on how I’m feeling each day, I can tailor my yoga session to that, whether I want a physical workout, a deep recovery stretch, some skills practice, or to connect with my body and replenish. I also love that I can chose to practice yoga in a class or I can do it at home when I have a free 20 minutes.

Yoga has really developed my other sports through gaining more awareness of my breath, I translate this over to strength training and running. It’s also helped me build my co-ordination and mental resilience. This translates into all aspects of my life.

What should people expect from your classes at STAR?

I trained in Ashtanga yoga and people can expect challenges in my class, but in a fun way!! Ashtanga will make you sweat, but it will also show you how capable you are and the amazing things your body can do. This style of yoga repeats the same sequence each class, which is great for seeing improvement. I love this style of yoga as I find it the perfect balance of a work out, balancing, deep stretching and breathing.

The class is open level and this is another part of yoga I love, anyone can take part, it doesn’t matter your level, there’s always a modification to suit you and everyone is welcome! I’m excited to see you on the mat!

A non-yoga fact about yourself:

I’m also a certified nutrition coach and personal trainer! And soon to be sports nutritionist! I love learning about how diet can influence our body and mental state! I am passionate about being the best version of myself and guiding others to become their best selves and fall in love with themselves and their lives.

Celia is a qualified yoga teacher who uses her other expertise in health and fitness to create holistic approach to her teaching, her classes are taught in English, and she holds the following qualifications:

  • 200 hour Ashtanga/Vinyasa (Yoga Alliance Certification)

  • Level 2 Fitness Instructor & level 3 Personal Trainer (Origym Certification)

  • PN1 Nutrition Coach (Precision Nutrition Certification)

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